As a result of air strikes, the city of Chernihiv is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe - left without electricity, water, gas and heat.

In the village of Bogdanivka, Brovary district, Kyiv region, and in the town of Trostyanets, Sumy region, Russian terrorists placed tanks and 122 mm multiple rocket launchers "Grad" in the middle of residential areas.

1000 people were evacuated from the cities of Vorzel. Civilians were also transported from Bucha, Gostomel and Kozarovichi.

Ukraine proposed a series of practical steps to bring Russia to justice for its crimes against the Ukrainian people and called for closing ports for Russian ships.

President of Ukraine: “Ukraine demands the immediate release of the mayor of Melitopol and guarantees of full security to all heads of communities across the country”.

President of Ukraine: “Today we are fighting to prevent war in Poland and the Baltic States”.

The anti-Putin coalition is imposing new sanctions that will further deepen Russia's economic isolation.




General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Operational information on 18.00, 11.03.2022

The enemy continues to conduct an offensive operation against Ukraine.

There is a high probability that the Russian federation will intensify terrorist methods of hostilities: launch missile and bomb strikes on civilian infrastructure and residential areas, intimidate local population, conduct informational and psychological actions to undermine public confidence in local government, disseminate fake news, take the local population hostage.

Units of the Russian forces keep on trying to continue their advance in all directions. To do this, it takes measures to form and reconcile reserves within the Russian federation. In the meantime, a significant part of Russian units are restoring combat capability.

The enemy is trying to establish logistical support for its units to enable conducting of hostilities.

The Russian occupiers continue to conduct air reconnaissance of the positions of Ukrainian troops in the Donetsk, Tavriya, Pivdennobuzhsky, and Bessarabian operational areas.

In order to involve the Republic of Belarus in the war against Ukraine, the enemy resorted to provocative actions.



Commissioner for Human Rights in Ukraine

As a result of air strikes, the city of Chernihiv is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe - left without electricity, water, gas and heat.

During the first half of the day the water supply was established, the repair works of the heating network are underway, but it takes 3-4 days to complete them. Repair work on the pipeline should be completed within a day.

More than 250,000 people are forced to fear the cold night and the next air strikes.

It is not possible to bury the dead due to the Russian constant shelling of the city.

The military action of a terrorist state against civilians is a crime against humanity and a violation of the Geneva Convention (IV) on Civilians, 1949.

The commissioner called on the international community to listen to Ukraine and stop the airstrikes of peaceful cities and towns by the Russian Federation. Close the skies over Ukraine.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine is accompanied by gross violations of norms and principles of international law, including international humanitarian law, war crimes and crimes against humanity, as well as other human rights violations by the Russian military.

Among such gross violations was the abduction of Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov on March 11. Russian troops, who have been launching missile and bomb attacks on civilian facilities and infrastructure in Ukraine, including children's hospitals and schools, over the course of two weeks, are cynically accusing the Mayor of "terrorism."

The abduction of the Mayor of Melitopol is classified as a war crime under the Geneva Conventions and the Additional Protocol that prohibit the taking of civilian hostages during the war.

We call on the international community to respond immediately to the abduction of Ivan Fedorov and other civilians, and to increase pressure on Russia to end its barbaric war against the Ukrainian people.

The fact of the abduction of the Mayor of Melitopol, along with hundreds of other facts of war crimes by Russian occupiers on the Ukrainian soil, are being carefully documented by law enforcement agencies. The perpetrators of this and other crimes will be brought to the strictest responsibility.



Mariupol City Council

1582 peaceful Mariupol residents were killed by Russian troops in 12 days of blockade of the city and ruthless shelling of residential neighborhoods.

As reported, a convoy of humanitarian aid and buses to evacuate people left Zaporizhzhia for Mariupol on March 11. It has not been possible to evacuate Marupol residents for several days.



AFU StratCom

Another photo evidence of war crimes of Russian fascists! The insidiousness and hypocrisy of the occupiers has no limits!

In the village of Bogdanivka, Brovary district, Kyiv region, and in the town of Trostyanets, Sumy region, Russian terrorists placed tanks and 122 mm multiple rocket launchers "Grad" in the middle of residential areas and fired not only at positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine but also at civilian targets.





President of Ukraine address to the Polish authorities

Dear Mr. President, my friend Andrzej! Dear Mrs. Marshal of the Sejm! Dear Mr. Marshal of the Senate! Ladies and gentlemen deputies and senators! Polish brothers and sisters!

When I became President in 2019, it felt like we had a long way to go with Poland. Our relationship was pretty cold, our attitude towards each other wasn’t too warm.

But I wanted to change it fast, our path to warmth.

Because we are such nations. I remember my first meetings with Andrzej Duda. From meeting to meeting everything changed. We understood each other. As a Ukrainian and a Pole. As Europeans. As friends. As parents who love their families and realize that our children must live in a world of equal good values. We share the same values. We must live in a world where nations are independent, where freedom reigns, where the family matters, and where no one ever has the right to launch war, full-scaled invasion.

It is believed that the number seven brings happiness. That is how many neighbors God has given to Ukraine. Does it bring us happiness? The whole world knows the answer today. And 78 Ukrainian children who died from rockets and shelling of the Russian Federation know it better than others. A neighbor who brought trouble and war to our land. A neighbor who obviously acts without God.

When there is someone who fights like a savage, it is very important to have someone who will lend a hand. And when boots of the enemy enter your house, a friend will lend you a helping hand. On the morning of February 24, I had no doubt who it would be. Who will say to me: "Brother, your people will not be left alone with the enemy." And so it happened. And I'm grateful for that. Polish brothers and sisters are with us. And this is natural. Just in one day, on the first day of the war, it became clear to me and to all Ukrainians, and, I am sure, to all Poles that there are no more borders between us, between our nations. No physical ones. No historical ones. No personal ones.

During the 16 days of this war, Ukrainian pride and Polish honor, Ukrainian courage in battles and Polish sincerity in helping us allow me to say very important words. There is real peace between our nations. Peace between relatives. Peace between brothers. And now I really want these words to be heard by our common Belarusian neighbors. Peace between relatives, peace between neighbors, peace between brothers. We have to come to this with them as well! We will definitely come!

Dear Sirs! Polish brothers and sisters! For a long time, various "stakeholders" tried to create an impression that Ukrainians and Poles live differently and separately. I will recall the words of President of the Republic of Poland Lech Kaczyński that he said in Tbilisi in 2008: "We know very well: today - Georgia, tomorrow - Ukraine, the day after tomorrow - the Baltic countries and then, perhaps, the time will come for my country - Poland”. On February 24, this terrible "tomorrow" for Ukraine came, which President Kaczyński spoke about. And today we are fighting for such a bad time for Poland and the Baltic States to never come. We fight together. We have strength.

Remember, there are 90 million of us together! We can do everything together. And this is the historical mission, the historical mission of Poland, the historical mission of Ukraine to be leaders who together will pull Europe out of this abyss, save it from this threat, stop the transformation of Europe into a victim.

We saw yesterday what the countries of the European Union talked about and in what manner. We saw who was the real leader and fought for a strong Europe. For common European security. And who tried to stop us, tried to stop you.

We understand why it is so important for Poles to fight with us. Together with all those who are for freedom. For us and for you, for Europe. We remember the terrible tragedy of 2010 near Smolensk. We remember all the facts of the investigation into the circumstances of this catastrophe. We feel what this means for you. And what does the silence of those who also know all this mean to you, but... But they still feast their eyes on Russia.

Polish brothers and sisters! I feel that we have already formed an extremely strong alliance. Even though it is informal. But this is an alliance that grew out of reality, not words on paper. Of the warmth in our hearts, not of the speeches of politicians at summits. Of the way you treated our people. Ukrainians who fled to your country to escape from the evil that came to our land. More than one and a half million citizens of Ukraine! The vast majority are women and children. They do not feel like they are in a strange land. You met our people in your families with Polish delicacy and fraternal kindness.

Although we did not ask for it. And you did not ask anything for it. It's just the way it is between relatives. That's why I address you informally: friend Andrzej, dear Agata! That's why I claim that we have already united. We united to constantly gain and create freedom, as a great Pole, a close friend of Ukraine John Paul II said. Today, I cannot be sure of all the leaders of all European nations, but I am sure that we will definitely be with you in defending freedom.

I am grateful for all the help we have already received from your state, from your people. I am grateful for your efforts so that we can secure the Ukrainian sky. I believe that we will be able to achieve the result in this, the result that we all desperately need. If God allows and we win this war, we will share the victory with our brothers and sisters. This is our greatness. And your greatness. This is a struggle for our freedom, this is a struggle for your freedom.