Counsellor to the Head of the Presidential Office Briefing

According to our data, the enemy has used over 90 battalions on the territory of Ukraine starting from 24 February. Over 30 of them (1/3 of the total) were either destroyed or disabled by the Ukrainian Army.

Now, Russia is trying to attract the “peacekeepers” from Caucasus, the temporarily occupied territories in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts to create an additional battalion of 10-15.000 soldiers, and will try to use them to change the situation in their favor.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Operational situation on the diplomatic front as of 10:00, March 12

The 17th day of the heroic resistance of Ukrainians to the bold aggression of the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian diplomacy is working day and night to implement further sanctions pressure on Russia. The new sanctions announced by the United States and other G7 countries and the EU are cracking down on Russia's economy, bringing it to a final collapse.


United States Department of the Treasury has expanded the list of sanctioned people due to the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army. The family of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was restricted. Sanctions were also imposed against 12 members of the State Duma of Russia involved in the process of recognizing the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" and the "Luhansk People's Republic". Restrictions include freezing real estate and assets in the United States and banning all financial transactions;

The Italian Financial Guard has arrested a yacht of Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko worth 530 million euros;

Isolation of the Russian Federation:

German manufacturer of window profiles, water floors, and heating pipes Rehau has announced the cessation of activities in Russia;

The American company Colgate-Palmolive has decided to limit the supply of its products to Russia;

German Deutsche Bank announced the closure of business in Russia and condemned the aggression against Ukraine;

All works by the world-famous rock band Pink Floyd and solo recordings by its soloist David Gilmour will be removed from music platforms in Russia and Belarus;

Instagram leader Adam Mosseri said that on March 14 the social network will stop working in Russia;

LINX disconnects key Russian providers (Rostelecom, MegaFon) from international traffic exchange;

Humanitarian aid:

Canada will send a large humanitarian cargo to Ukraine. Assistance will include tarpaulin covers, portable kitchens, vanity kits, and blankets;

Since the beginning of the full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation, Poland has provided Ukraine with 9 trucks of humanitarian aid with medicines, medical supplies, medical equipment, provisions, baby food, thermal blankets, electric generators, hygiene products, and clothing;

Hungary has handed over more than 10,000 airtight blood containers that have already been delivered to Ukraine;

Fifteen large trucks have already been sent from Switzerland to Ukraine with assistance, which includes medicines, medical equipment, ventilators, food, clothing, hygiene products, tents, respirators, etc.



EU launched Sanctions Whistleblower Tool to report of possible sanctions violations.

EU has already imposed a series of massive and targeted sanctions that will make it as difficult as possible for the Russian Federation to pursue its aggressive actions.

Please draw your attention to the whistleblower tool to facilitate the reporting of possible sanctions violations, which was launched by the European Commission recently.

This is a secure online platform, which whistleblowers from around the world can use to anonymously report past, current, or planned EU sanctions violations.

If you have any information about violations of sanctions please report here: https://eusanctions.integrityline.com/frontpage


Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine

The Government has enacted a decision strengthening social protection of vulnerable groups:

1. Strengthening protection of people with disabilities. The total family income, when determining the eligibility and the amount of social benefits provided on the basis of income, does not include state social assistance.

2. The right of internally displaced persons to receive housing assistance during martial law, in particular those living in the areas where, due to active hostilities, social protection authorities do not operate.

3. Protection of the rights of beneficiaries. The period of payment of benefits for housing and communal services, which are provided on the basis of income (large families, children of war, etc.) and which was set earlier, is automatically extended for the entire period of martial law plus one month after its abolition.



Ministry for Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Ukrainian IT-companies already donated 24,5 mln USD for supporting Ukraine.

According to the estimates of the IT Ukraine Association, during the first 10 days of the war in Ukraine, Ukrainian IT companies collected:

·       12,1 mln USD of humanitarian aid 

·       6,1 mln USD of support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

·       6,3 mln USD of taxes, paid in advance. 

IT companies also support volunteer initiatives by raising funds abroad, supplying territoria defense with medicines, security and computer equipment, and creating online platforms for housing, military assistance, and more.





International companies that still work with Russia: https://www.boycottrussia.info/top-companies




Ministry of energy of Ukraine

Deputy Minister of energy of Ukraine Yaroslav Demchenkov: the West should approve a package of tough sanctions on Russia in the oil and gas industry:

1)   full ban on import of Russian crude oil and petroleum products;

2)   embargo on liquefied natural gas supplies from Russia to the EU and the US;

3)   restrictions on the supply of pipeline gas, due to sanctions similar to measures against Iran;

4)   winding up of joint projects with Russian energy companies and preventing financial institutions from providing funding for such projects;

5)   freeze of Russia's energy assets in the EU until Russia meets the conditions for de-escalation.

I stressed this during a special round table with the participation of leaders of European and American companies, the International Energy Agency (IEA), organized by the World Economic Forum.

For more than two weeks now, Ukraine has been fighting one of the world's largest armies. In this struggle, Ukrainians are heroically defending not only their country, but also the democratic values and principles of the Western world.

Some Western politicians still think that Russia's aggression can be tackled by half-measures. However, Putin's goal is not Ukraine, his goal is the West. Ukraine is a battlefield where the future of Europe is being decided. Therefore, we must continue and increase sanctions pressure.

European and American companies and communities must express their position in support of Ukraine's energy independence.

For the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, the highest priority is to maintain a stable energy supply throughout the country and ensure the proper functioning of the energy system.

Today Ukraine needs energy resources: gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, coal and gas. Increasing fuel reserves is key to maintaining our energy security.

I would like to thank the leaders of NEC Ukrenergo - NPC Ukrenergo, Naftogaz, DTEK for their active participation in the discussion and proving their position.