General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 25.03 were approximately:

personnel - about 16100,

tanks ‒ 561,

APVs ‒ 1625,

artillery systems – 291,

MLRS - 90,

Anti-aircraft warfare systems - 49,

aircrafts – 115,

helicopters – 125,

vehicles - 1089,

boats / vessels - 5,

fuel tanks - 72,

UAVs operational-tactical level – 53,

special equipment - 18.

The occupiers' tasks of reaching the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, encircling the city of Kyiv, and establishing control over the left-bank of Ukraine have failed. The enemy managed to partially succeed in the Donetsk operational district in continuing the temporary maintenance of the land corridor between the Rostov region and temporarily occupied territories of Crimea.

The enemy continues to replenish losses by training and relocating reserve of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

In the Polissya direction, the enemy did not carry out offensive operations. Russians continued to carry out artillery and airstrikes, trying to restore the position of their forces in the areas of Kyiv and Makarov.

In the northern direction, the enemy is trying to concentrate forces and means to resume offensive operations with the help of certain units. It makes unsuccessful attempts to block Chernihiv. In the Brovary direction, the enemy switched to defense, deploying engineering positions.

It is highly likely, that the enemy will try to resume offensive operations in the direction of the cities of Brovary and Boryspil in order to block the city of Kyiv, from the east.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the enemy is blocking the cities of Sumy and Kharkiv. It strikes on civilian infrastructure. Trying to resume offensive operations in the area of the city of Izyum, it bears losses.

In the Donetsk direction, the enemy holds the occupied frontiers. The main efforts are focused on capturing the cities of Popasna, Rubizhne and Mariupol, none of which have any success.

Up to five BTGs moved to the defense in the Zaporizhzhia direction.

In the South Buh area, the enemy is occupying the established lines of defense with the forces of the group, trying to take measures to restore the combat capability of units and replenish resources.

In the Azov operational zone, according to updated information, a large landing ship "Saratov" was destroyed during the attack on the occupied Berdyansk port. Large landing ships "Caesar Kunikov" and "Novocherkassk" were damaged. Other losses of the enemy are being clarified.

Ukrainian defense forces conduct a defense operation in the Eastern, Southeastern and Northeastern directions.

Joint Forces grouping carries out the sustained defensive operation in Donetsk, Slobozhanskyi and partially in Tavriya directions in the defined operational area, focusing its main efforts on the preventing of the enemy breakthroughs.

During the previous day our soldiers repulsed 9 enemy attacks, destroyed 12 tanks, about 20 units of the armored hardware and vehicles, 9 artillery systems. Russian forces lost more than 200 servicemen. The air defense units shot down 2 aircraft and 2 Russian UAVs.

The Air Force grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit 6 enemy air targets: 1 aircraft, 1 UAV and 4 cruise missiles.

The main efforts of the Ukrainian defense forces in Volyn are focused on the state border covering.

The defense operation continues in Siverskyi direction.

Ukrainian troops grouping holds the city of Chernihiv and prevents the advance of the enemy in the direction of Kyiv.

At the same time, the defense grouping of forces and assets of the city of Kyiv continues repelling the enemy s offensive actions, inflicting fire damage on the occupants and maintaining all the defined boundaries of defense.

In the South, the defense operation continues in the defined operational area, the stabilization operation is underway and territorial defense tasks are being performed.


Ukrainian Parliamentary Commissioner for Human rights

Russian forces continue to wage a cynical war against the civilian population of Ukraine.

In Kharkiv, 6 civilians were killed and 13 were injured in an attack by the enemy on the Nova post office branch, where people were waiting in line for humanitarian aid.

In Luhansk region, the Russian army fired on a church, houses and a bus: 5 people were killed and 8 wounded. Firefighters rescued 18 residents of the region from the rubble.

In Mykolaiv area Russian forces fired at civilians of the village of Yavkine. Three people were killed, 13 were wounded.

An evacuation train Kyiv-Ivano-Frankivsk came under fire near Vasylkiv, Kyiv region.

In Kalynivka, Kyiv region, as a result of artillery shelling, three people were injured and are dead. The shell fragments hit the oil depot, which led to a large-scale fire.

The occupiers fired heavy artillery at the residential area near Vyshhorod, Kyiv region. As a result of the shelling, a high-rise building was damaged. According to preliminary data, there are no victims.

In Dergachi, Kharkiv region, one civilian was killed and another was injured in a drone attack on the city center. The Dergachiv House of Culture was damaged again. The buildings of the shopping and office center, the post branch, some private houses, as well as the heating main pipe were severely damaged. Part of the city was left without heating.

By killing civilians and shelling Ukrainian cities, the aggressor's army is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine, in violation of the four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and its additional protocols.

I call on the international community to take decisive action to deter the aggression of the Russian Federation and to force the aggressor country to immediately cease hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.



As of 10 a.m. on March 25, 2022, according to the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations, as well as other sources that need confirmation, 135 children (+7 per day) have died and 184 children (+12 per day) have been injured since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

It is impossible to establish the actual number of dead and wounded children due to the fact that the occupying forces are actively fighting in Ukrainian cities.

Two children aged 6 and 13 were injured in the shelling of settlements in the Donetsk region by the Russian military, and two children died: an 11-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy.

In the Zaporizhya region, three teenagers were injured due to careless handling of an explosive, which they found and played with it until it detonated. The children were hospitalized, one in serious condition.

In the part of Kharkiv region occupied by Russian troops, the invaders persuade collaborators to kidnap. Those who agreed to work for the invaders kidnapped two of his minor sons from a resident of one of the cities of Kharkiv region. Their father just went to another village for humanitarian aid to feed his six-month-old grandson.

As of today, 566 educational institutions have been damaged, 73 of which have been completely destroyed. More than 230 schools and 155 kindergartens were damaged and destroyed.

Such actions by the Russian occupation forces are a direct violation of the Hague and Geneva Conventions. The aggressor continues to defiantly violate the fundamental rights of children - the right to life and health, guaranteed to every child in the world by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.



State Border Guard of Ukraine

As of March, 24 the western borders of Ukraine with the EU and Moldova were crossed by almost 62 thousand people and over 13 thousand vehicles. Data of the last several days show, that the flow of passengers in the western region of border remains stable.

The previous day, over 43 thousand people left Ukraine. Approximately 28 thousand of them crossed the border in the Ukrainian and Polish region. Reminding, for crossing the border with the EU, checkpoints on borders with Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and the Republic of Moldova can be chosen. Currently, there are no queues of people and vehicles in almost all directions.

Over 19 thousand people came to Ukraine the previous day. Almost 16 thousand of them are Ukrainians, the prevailing majority of which are men who plan joining forces of defense of the country. We sincerely thank our fellow citizens! In general, approximately 400 thousand of our men have returned since the beginning of open armed aggression towards Ukraine.

All checkpoints on the western border (except for “Dzvinkove” checkpoint) work round the clock. Apart from registering people and vehicles, border guards and customs officers also perform arrangement of humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian army and our fellow citizens. Over 670 vehicles with humanitarian goods were registered on the western borders the previous day.





President of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyy address to the European Council

Mr. President of the European Council, my friend Charles, I congratulate you and congratulate all of us on your re-election. I think this is very important and this is right. I am grateful for the opportunity to address you and the nations of Europe.

Today it’s already been a month since the Russian invasion. After 8 years of aggression in Donbas. Bombs fell on our people from planes that took off from Belarus; they didn't even admit that they did it.

Russia captured the Chornobyl NPP. Staff have not been released for 24 days there. Imagine, people lived 24 days at such a facility, worked at such a facility so that nothing terrible happens in Chornobyl again. The Russian military held them hostage. Russian tanks fired at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Russia fired missiles at Babyn Yar.

It has already destroyed more than 230 schools and 155 kindergartens. Killed 128 children. Whole cities, villages were turned to ashes.

The Russian military killed journalists, although they saw the inscription "Press" on them. Russia has blocked Mariupol leaving hundreds of thousands of people without water, without food under constant shelling.

Russian troops are using phosphorus bombs - it was this [last] morning. Rape women. Loot houses. Destroy churches! Even those of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Abducted more than 2,000 children from Ukraine. We don't know where our children are, where our 2,000 children are. They fire at humanitarian convoys. They kill people in Donetsk and say it's us, the "nationalists".

What is Ukraine doing? It did not go to a foreign land. Never dreamed of any war. It shoots down missiles. Urges strangers to lay down their arms and return home for the sake of life. Heals and feeds war prisoners. Allows them to contact their relatives by phone. Collects the hundreds of corpses of Russian soldiers from the fields, which they simply abandon.

Maintains the safe operation of nuclear power plants even in the presence of the occupiers. Calls on the IAEA to intervene and patiently explains to the international bureaucracy what is happening. Evacuates people from dangerous areas. Does not stop trying to deliver humanitarian aid. Records Russian war crimes. Gathers evidence. Invites journalists. Maintains the functioning of all institutions of a normal state.

Russians are even ashamed of the word "war". They call it a "special operation", although they organized a massacre here, as the Nazis did.

And what about the European Union? I want to thank you - you are united, united around us. We really appreciate that. You have applied sanctions. These are powerful steps. But it was a little late. Because if it had been preventive, Russia would not have gone to war. At least there was a chance.

You blocked Nord Stream 2. But it was also a little late. Because if it had been in time, Russia would not have created a gas crisis. At least there was a chance.

And now you and I are preparing Ukraine's membership in the European Union. Here I ask you - do not be late. Please. Because during this month you have compared these worlds, and you see everything. You saw who is worth what. And you saw that Ukraine should be in the EU in the near future.

At least you have everything for that. And we have this chance.

Lithuania stands for us. Latvia stands for us. Estonia stands for us. Poland stands for us. France - Emanuel, I really believe that you will stand for us. Slovenia stands for us. Slovakia stands for us. The Czech Republic stands for us. Romania knows what dignity is, so it will stand for us at the crucial moment. Bulgaria stands for us. Greece, I believe, stands with us. Germany... A little later. Portugal - well, almost… Croatia stands for us. Sweden - yellow and blue should always stand together. Finland - I know you are with us. The Netherlands stands for the rational, so we’ll find common ground. Malta - I believe we will succeed. Denmark - I believe we will succeed.

Luxembourg - we understand each other. Cyprus - I really believe you are with us.

Italy - thank you for your support! Spain - we’ll find common ground. Belgium - we will find arguments. Austria, together with Ukrainians, it is an opportunity for you. I'm sure of it. Ireland - well, almost.

Hungary... I want to stop here and be honest. Once and for all. You have to decide for yourself who you are with. You have had tragic moments in your life. I visited your waterfront. I saw this memorial… Shoes on the Danube Bank.

Listen, Viktor, do you know what's going on in Mariupol? Please, if you can, go to your waterfront. Look at those shoes. And you will see how mass killings can happen again in today's world. And that's what Russia is doing today. The same shoes. In Mariupol, there are the same people. Adults and children. And you hesitate whether to impose sanctions or not? And you hesitate whether to let weapons through or not, to trade with Russia or not?  There is no time to hesitate. It's time to decide already.

We believe in you and the European Union. And we believe that Germany will also be with us at the crucial moment.

Full speech: https://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/promova-prezidenta-ukrayini-volodimira-zelenskogo-na-zasidan-73809


Address of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy to Ukrainian people

The 30th day. If Russia had known it would face that, I’m sure they would have definitely been afraid to come here. During this month, we’ve withstood all the main directions of Russian strikes. The world has applied destructive sanctions. And we are reaching an agreement on new ones.

Today I have delivered some important speeches. To the participants of the NATO summit, the G7 summit, to the summit of the leaders of the European Union. To the Swedish Parliament. All this is for the sake of support for our state. We need it for our protection.

I spoke with the President of Lithuania, Mr. Nausėda, Prime Minister of Israel Bennett and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Johnson. All this is for Russia to understand one thing: it is necessary to seek peace. Russia also needs to seek peace. I informed the President of Egypt about the current situation.

And today I signed some very important decrees. On awarding the title of Hero of Ukraine to seven servicemen of the National Guard, to five of them, unfortunately, posthumously. Also, on state awards to 240 servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine and 119 servicemen of the Armed Forces, to 14 heads of local communities. On state awards to 31 medical workers. And on awarding the honorary title "The Hero City of Ukraine" to four more cities: Bucha, Irpin, Okhtyrka, Mykolaiv.

You know, after signing these decrees, I felt that it would really be worthwhile to award and confer the title of hero to millions and millions of our people. To you, to all Ukrainians who are doing everything they can for the sake of victory. For peace. In a place where they are.

Full speech: https://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/yakbi-rosiya-znala-sho-yiyi-chekaye-v-ukrayini-vona-b-tochno-73813


Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

For thirty days in a row, Ukraine has been fiercely resisting Russia's armed aggression on all fronts, including diplomatic.

More Western companies have been leaving the Russian market. Under the pressure from Ukrainian diplomacy, Renault decided to stop production in Russia, and tobacco giant Philip Morris announced a very significant reduction of its work in Russia.

Dmytro Kuleba: “We continue to put pressure on Russia, we are doing everything to ensure that Western business leaves the Russian market. We continue to fight all businesses in Europe that are covering up Russia or sympathizing with Russia's aggression against Ukraine. "

Assistance to Ukraine:

The EU leaders during the summit agreed to establish a Trust Fund for Solidarity with Ukraine and provide support in rebuilding our country.

The United States will provide an additional $ 320 million to fund democracy and human rights in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Humanitarian help:

16 ambulances of the Solidarité ambulancière France-Ukraine team, as well as 1 ambulance from Coqueleta left France in Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Donetsk, Kyiv, Dniprovsk, Lviv regions.

The Government of Bulgaria has decided to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians and Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries in the amount of 181 thousand euros.

The volunteer headquarters at the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Tallinn sent 10 cars with medicine and food, and raised more than 100,000 euros in financial aid.

Tallinn City Hall sends 33 European pallets of food and medicines to Lviv and Kyiv.



Ukrainian Parliamentary Commissioner for Human rights

Following the worst traditions of Nazism, the occupiers confiscate and destroy Ukrainian literature and history textbooks in the occupied territories of Ukraine because of their inconsistency with the ideology of Kremlin propaganda.

The so-called "military police" units confiscate Ukrainian historical and fiction literature from the libraries of the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk, Donetsk, Chernihiv and Sumy regions.  Found books are destroyed on the spot or taken away in an unknown direction.

Books about the history of Ukrainian Maidans, antiterrorist operation, and the Ukrainian liberation struggle are subject to liquidation.  Even school textbooks on the history of Ukraine, scientific and popular historical literature were included in the "extremist" literature.  The names of Mazepa, Petliura, Bandera, Shukhevych, and Chornovil are forbidden to be mentioned.

Today, the Russian occupiers are destroying more than just books.  They are trying to destroy cultural and national identity, our millennial history of Ukraine.

The actions of the Russian troops are a gross violation of the Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, the Convention for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage and the Convention on Measures to Prohibit and Prevent Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Cultural Property.

I call on the international community and our partners to take these circumstances into account when deciding to impose additional sanctions on the Russian Federation to immediately end neo-Nazi activities and hostilities in Ukraine.



Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denys Malyuska during his working visit to the Kingdom of the Netherlands took part in a special meeting of the EU Ministers of Justice.

During the meeting, the ministers exchanged views and agreed on steps to bring the Russian Federation to justice for serious violations of international law in connection with its unprovoked aggression against Ukraine.

Particular attention was paid to the opening of national criminal proceedings, the establishment of a joint investigation team, and the strengthening of the capacity of the International Criminal Court (ICC), whose prosecutor has officially launched an investigation into Ukraine at the request of the 41st state party to the Rome Statute.



National Bank of Ukraine

NBU Simplifies Identification and Verification of War Bond Buyers and Halts Onsite Financial Monitoring Inspections under Martial Law

The National Bank of Ukraine has introduced a simplified identification and verification mechanism exclusively for buyers of domestic government debt securities known as War Bonds. It applies to Ukrainians residing or temporarily staying outside Ukraine and foreigners, except for citizens of Russia and Belarus.  The regulator also suspended scheduled and unscheduled onsite inspections of banks and nonbank financial institutions that cover financial monitoring issues and compliance with currency and sanctions legislation for the period of martial law.

Identification and Verification of War Bond Buyers

Before opening an account for the purchase of war bonds, banks can use a new simplified model of identification and verification of individuals. Specifically, banks can:

●    receive copies of documents by means of remote service systems, e-mail secured with the qualified electronic signature/advanced electronic signature, or other remote communication channels as applicable within the technical capabilities of the bank

●    sign the received copies of the documents with a qualified electronic signature

●    contact the client through a video call, obtain the client's consent for a video call and photo fixation, take photos of the person and the photo of the person with the identification document during the video call and keep a record of the video call.

All other measures in the area of financial monitoring are taken by banks during servicing a customer before the financial transaction on repaying the nominal value of war bonds and paying income in accordance with the terms of the bonds offering.

The cap for simplified verification has been increased to UAH 400,000 per month from UAH 40,000.

All other terms for simplified identification and verification models remained unchanged.

NBU Suspends Onsite Inspections Covering Issues of Financial Monitoring and Compliance with Laws Regulating FX Market and Sanctions

For the period of validity of the martial law, the NBU has suspended scheduled and unscheduled onsite inspections established by the Regulation on the Procedure for Organizing and Exercising Supervision in the Area of Financial Monitoring, Currency Supervision, Supervision on the Issues Related to Implementation and Monitoring of Personal Special Economic and Other Restrictive Measures (Sanctions) approved by NBU Board Resolution No.90 dated 30 June 2020.

The NBU will perform offsite supervision in the area of financial monitoring, currency supervision, supervision on the issues related to implementation and monitoring of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions) under martial law.