Ministry of Economy of Ukraine

Ukraine has already suffered 564.9 billion USD in losses from the Russian invasion, including:

·  119 billion USD - losses of infrastructure (almost 8 thousand km of roads, dozens of railway stations, airports were destroyed or damaged);

·  112 billion USD - GDP losses in 2022;

·  90.5 billion USD - losses of civilian population (10 million square meters of housing, 200 thousand cars, food security for 5 million people);

·  80 billion USD - losses of enterprises and organizations;

·  54 billion USD - losses of direct investment in the Ukrainian economy;

·  48 billion USD - losses of the state budget.

The losses suffered by Ukraine as a result of Russian aggression are calculated within the framework of the "Russia Will Pay" project implemented by the KSE Institute together with the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Defense.



Ministry of energy of Ukraine

German Galushchenko: G7's refusal to pay for gas in rubles canceled Russia's attempts to circumvent sanctions.

Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko welcomed the decision of the G7 countries not to pay for Russian gas in rubles.


Ukraine is expected to make the first export after synchronization.

The first auction after connecting of Ukrainian power system with ENTSO-E on the distribution of interstate cross-border capacity allocations to Poland is scheduled for March 28. The actual date of the start of delivery is March 30, the cross-sectional volume is 210 MW (per hour). All Ukrainian energy companies will be able to take part in such auctions.

“For the first time since synchronisation with ENTSO-E, Ukraine will export electricity to Europe. Exports are small, but this is the early sing of the integration of Ukrainian and European energy markets. Of course, we still have a lot of work to do to implement EU legislation, which is necessary for the full coupling of markets," - German Galushchenko said.



Ukrenergo resumes daily auctions for cross-border capacity allocation to Poland. This is the first auction after the integration of Ukraine’s power system with the power grid of Continental European ENTSO-E. Currently, there are no commercial exchanges between Ukrainian and European synchronized power systems. Such a condition was stipulated in the Agreement between Ukrenergo and ENTSO-E for the synchronous operation trial period.

Resumption of export-import operations is one of the main tasks of NPC Ukrenergo within the framework of further integration with ENTSO-E. The first auction will take place on March 28, 2022, for the delivery day of March 30 (actual export start date). The auctioned profile volume is 210 MW (hourly).

The start of electricity exports will allow Ukraine to obtain additional resources for the restoration and development of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure during the war. In total, the cross-border capacity between Ukraine and ENTSO-E is up to 2 thousand MW and will have a direct economic effect for the country in the amount of several billion dollars a year. Alongside, for European countries, Ukrainian electricity, 70% of which is already of low-carbon sources, opens up wide opportunities for replacing Russian gas.

It is worth mentioning that NPC Ukrenergo stopped allocating cross-border capacity for electricity imports/exports on February 24, 2022, due to the start of power system tests in the isolated operation mode. With the beginning of Russia’s military aggression, Ukraine has decided not to resume synchronous operation with the power systems of Russia and Belarus. Later, on March 16, 2022, the emergency synchronization of Ukraine’s power system with the power system of Continental Europe ENTSO-E took place.


The power system of Ukraine is balanced and stable. The power grid frequency is controlled at the standard level of 50 Hz.  

To ensure the reliable day-to-day operation of the grid, Ukrenergo repairmen try to use every opportunity to inspect and repair power lines and substations.

Yesterday, the repair of OHL 330 kV Trykhaty-Mykolaivska was completed, and the power line was put into operation. 

All types of power plants are operating steadily in the power grid providing electricity to all Ukrainian consumers.


GTS Operator of Ukraine

State of the Ukrainian GTS operation as of March 28, 12:00 CET

On the previous day, March 27, Gas TSO of Ukraine transported 68.3 million cubic meters of natural gas for the needs of Ukrainian consumers. Gas production in Ukraine amounted to 49 mcm, while import was equal to 9.4 mcm of natural gas.

Today, the stable operation of the Ukrainian gas transmission system is essential for energy infrastructure. Due to logistics problems with the primary fuel delivery, several thermal power plants are switching to reserve fuel – natural gas.

Russian occupiers continue destroying Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. As a result of the shell hit, GDS-3 Kharkiv, which supplied gas to a small town Rogan, was significantly damaged.

Almost 4.5 thousand households were left without a gas supply. The company’s specialists under fire made the necessary switchings, closed the inlet and outlet valves to localize the effects of the damage and protect the population from danger. Resumption of gas transportation through this GDS is possible only after a significant amount of restoration works and after the end of hostilities in the area.

Currently, 44 GDSs from 1395 in Kharkiv, Luhansk, Kyiv, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, and Mykolaiv regions of Ukraine remain disconnected.