General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces
The situation regarding the Russian invasion
Operational information as of 17:00 on the Russian invasion

As of 5 PM on February 24, the enemy continues to act aggressively along the entire line of the common border.
From the airfields of the Republic of Belarus performs demonstration activities along the northern part of the state border.
In the Sivers'kyi region, the enemy was stopped on the river Uzh in Velykyi Osnyaky and Rivne region, a tank battle continues.
Units of the 1st separate tank brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped columns of enemy armored vehicles near Baturyn and on the outskirts of Chernihiv.
The enemy attempted to land a tactical landing along the Kiev reservoir.

20 helicopters KA-52 and Mi-8 of the Russian Federation landed at Gostomel airfield. The battle is on.
The National Guard of Ukraine entered the battle near the city of Pripyat. The enemy landed a tactical landing in the Bessarabian and Tavriya operational areas.
After an unsuccessful landing attempt and an unsuccessful missile strike, the enemy missile cruiser Moscow began shelling Snake Island.
The mixed column of vehicles up to 300 units approached the settlement of Konotop. Mechanized units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered the battle. Enemy troops in the areas of Gremyach and Krolevets have been stopped.
In the Donetsk operational area defenders of Ukraine restored position on all line of collision. Fighting is taking place in the direction of Mariupol.
The forces of the  Group "South" of troops organized the defense of Melitopol and conducted a defense operation on the border of the settlements of Abrikosivka, Rykove, Azov.

The Joint Forces Operation

Village Schastya (Happiness) is currently under the full control of the Ukrainian military. During the fighting, the enemy suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment and retreated.
The Russian occupiers were taken prisoner.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting intense hostilities in the areas of the enemy's advance.
In the Black Sea Operational Zone, the Armed Forces of Ukraine use UAV “Bayraktar”.
In the direction of Rudnya (Belarus) - Vystupovychi (Ukraine), the enemy tried to cross the state border with two tanks, armored personnel carriers and vehicles. As a result of the battle, the enemy suffered losses: 5 armored personnel carriers and a military vehicles were destroyed.
The offensive of enemy tanks in the Putivl area was stopped.
A KA-52 helicopter was shot down over Vyshhorod.
Fighting is taking place in the cities of Henichesk, Skadovsk, and Chaplynka.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine / CinC AF of Ukraine Lieutenant General Valery Zaluzhny: "Ukrainian military have taken prisoners -- two Russian occupiers of unit 91701 of Yampol motorised infantry regiment.

The enemy is suffering losses.
4 enemy tanks have been burned on Kharkiv ring road.
Russian troops are storming the border in Zhytomyr Region.
Enemy military equipment has crossed the Vilcha checkpoint (Zhytomyr region).
Border guards together with Ukrainian military accepted battle.
Grad strikes have been delivered to the border guard station at Mlachivka.
Depending on the situation, border guard units redeploy to reserve positions and interact with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard.
The enemy has attacked not only border units but also targets in Ukraine's city.
The main objective is to alarm the public and put certain military installations and critical infrastructure out of service.
From the territory of the Republic of Belarus 4 ballistic missiles were launched towards Southwestern direction.

MFA Crisis Centre

The enemy continues the offensive with the support of army aircraft crossing the Ukrainian border in the directions of Armyansk - Kherson, Chaplinka - Kakhovka.
The work of sabotage and reconnaissance groups in the Besarabian operational area and in the Black Sea operational zone is noted. The Allied Forces moved on to a defense operation. Identified operational groups of troops regrouped and moved to areas of task to effectively repel Russian aggression. Operational and tactical groups are conducting defensive battles in all directions of the enemy's advance.y 24, the armed forces of the aggressor state the russian federation launched more than 30 strikes with "Caliber" cruise missiles, MLRS, aircraft and artillery on Ukrainian civil and military infrastructure.

The Ukrainian military is fighting in the direction of Sumy Border guards with the Armed Forces and the National Guard engaged in battle with the Russian occupiers on the outskirts of Sumy. The Ukrainian military is defending itself. According to available information, the Russian Federation is carrying out an offensive from the Konotop city.

The State Border Guard Service

The Ukrainian military is fighting in the direction of Sumy
Border guards with the Armed Forces and the National Guard engaged in battle with the Russian occupiers on the outskirts of Sumy. The Ukrainian military is defending itself. According to available information, the Russian Federation is carrying out an offensive from the Konotop city.
The aggressor carried out invasion in many directions.
The fire on the border units and checkpoints was carried out by artillery and aircraft, followed by the movement of military equipment.
In particular, the Russian aggression took place within the Luhansk, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Zhytomyr, Kherson, Odessa regions, on Zmiiniy Island and in the area of environmental protection.
Depending on the development of the situation, the border units are redeployed to reserve positions and work together with Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukraine’s Appeal to the United Nations:
“On 24th February, 2022, at 5:00 am, Russia committed an act of  open aggression against Ukraine.
We, as a state that has become a victim of armed aggression,  under Article 51 of the UN Charter, inform the UN Security Council of  our inherent right to individual or collective self-defense.
The arguments, adduced by the Russian president to justify the aggression, are legally null and void and do constitute a crime in terms of universal values and in respect of the legally effective bilateral international treaties between Ukraine and the Russian Federation as  well as multilateral international treaties.
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation began intense shelling of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the East of our country, launched rockets and bombs at airfields and military facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine throughout Ukraine, including around the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.
The cities and towns of Ukraine, along the state border and on the administrative line with the occupied Crimea are under the intensive shelling. We have already registered casualties among the civilian population.

The lives of more than 40 million Ukrainian citizens living peacefully on their land are under the threat. 600,000 square kilometers of the European continent, governed by the principles of democracy, human rights and peaceful development, could be ruined.
Neither Ukraine nor NATO is a threat to peace in Europe.Today, nuclear Russia has the aim to destroy the state of Ukraine.

But in fact, Russia pursues a broader goal - to stop the democratic development of the entire European continent, to undermine international law and order. Russia threatens freedom and democracy around the world. This is a universal threat. Therefore, the response to its actions must be universal.
We request the immediate conveying of Special Session of the UN General Assembly to consider the issue of "Russia's armed attack on Ukraine"
We call on all UN member states to take all political and practical measures to stop the aggressor immediately. Hesitation with concrete actions is equivalent to complicity in crime and has the priceof human life.

We request:

- Make strong statements in support of Ukraine and condemn the criminal actions of the Russian Federation.

- Immediately disconnect Russia from SWIFT.

- Introduce an economic blockade.

- Freeze all bank accounts of Russian figures immediately – both individuals and business entities

- Block all Russian interests in your country as soon as possible.

- Provide Ukraine with all possible means of defense and other assistance, up to the deployment of military contingents to deter the Russian aggressor.

- Open borders for the organized movement of vulnerable groups of Ukrainian civil population, primarily for children and elderly”.

Office of the President of Ukraine

Ukraine severed diplomatic relations with Russia
President Zelenskyy at a briefing at the Office of the Head of State: "This morning has gone down in history, but this story is completely different for our country and for Russia. We have severed diplomatic relations with Russia. Ukraine is defending itself and will not give up its freedom, no matter what Moscow thinks. For Ukrainians, independence and the right to live on their land according to their will is the highest value. Russia treacherously and self-destructively attacked our state in the morning. Just like Nazi Germany did during the Second World War," Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed.
According to him, from today Ukraine and Russia are on different sides of world history, because the Russian Federation is on the path of evil.
At the same time, according to the President, much depends on the Russian people now.
"Today, the citizens of Russia will choose which way each of them personally is on," he said.
Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on all Russian citizens who have not yet "lost their conscience" to come out and protest against this war with Ukraine. He also asked Ukrainians who have relatives, friends, acquaintances, journalists, bloggers in Russia to address them with appropriate appeals and information so that the Russian Federation knows the truth.

Briefing of Advisor to Presidential Chief of Staff, Mr. Mykhailo Podolyak

The Office of the President of Ukraine believes the Russian federation has two tactical goals – to seize territories and attack the legitimate political leadership of Ukraine in order to spread chaos and install a marionette government that would sign a peace deal on bi-lateral relations with Russia.
The enemy attempts to destabilize situation in large cities, in particular Kharkiv and Kyiv.
The probability exists the Russian armed forces will seize the government quarters.

Statement by the President of Ukraine

What do we hear today? It's not just rocket explosions, battles, the roar of aircraft. It is the sound of a new Iron Curtain lowering and closing Russia away from the civilized world.
Our national task is to make this curtain pass not through our Ukrainian territory, but at the home of Russians.
The Ukrainian army, our border guards, police and special services stopped the enemy's attacks. In the language of conflict, this can be called an operational pause.
In Donbas, our Armed Forces are doing great, the Kharkiv direction is very difficult, the forces for the defense of the city are working, they are reliable, they are our men. The most problematic situation today is in the south. Our troops are fighting fierce battles in the suburbs of Kherson. The enemy is pushing out of the occupied Crimea, trying to advance towards Melitopol.

In the north of the country, the enemy is slowly advancing in the Chernihiv region, but there are forces to hold it. Reliable defense is built in the Zhytomyr region. Enemy paratroopers in Hostomel are blocked, troops are ordered to destroy them.
Yes, we, unfortunately, have losses, losses of our heroes. Yes, we have captured Russian soldiers. Our doctors are helping some of them - those who have surrendered. Many Russian aircraft and many armored vehicles were destroyed.
Yes, we see that many Russians are shocked by what is happening. Some Russians are already calling on social media that they are against the war. We see it. But the leadership of the Russian Federation is unlikely to see it.
So please. If you hear us, if you understand us, if you understand that you are attacking an independent country, please go out to the squares and address the President of your country.

We are Ukrainians. We are on our land. You are Russians. Now your military has started a war. The war in our state. I would very much like you to speak on Red Square or somewhere else on the streets of your capital, in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities in Russia. Not only in Instagram - it is very important.
What do we see at this hour? For the world community, Russia is becoming an analogue of the so-called DPR - this is complete isolation.
I am in constant contact with the leaders of partner countries and international organizations. Russia has already begun receiving the first sanctions from a large package of sanctions, the most powerful in world history.

No one will be able to convince or force us, Ukrainians, to give up our freedom, our independence, our sovereignty. But it seems that the Russian leadership is trying to do this by destroying the potential of their country. Everything that Russia has done since 2000 can now be burned live in front of the world.
We emphasize that Ukraine did not choose the path of war. But Ukraine offers to return to peace.

What can Ukrainians do? Help the national defense. Join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense units. Any citizen with combat experience will now be useful. It is up to you and all of us whether the enemy will be able to advance further into the territory of our independent state. Please help the volunteer community and the medical system, for example by donating blood.

Politicians and community leaders - help people, ensure normal life on the ground as much as possible. Everyone should take care of their loved ones and take care of those neighbors or acquaintances who need it. The duty of journalists, an important duty, is to defend democracy and freedom in Ukraine.
I spoke today with many leaders - the United Kingdom, Turkey, France, Germany, the EU, the United States, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Austria and others.
If you, dear European leaders, dear world leaders, leaders of the free world, do not help us today, then tomorrow the war will knock on your door.

Brief from Mykhailo Podoliak, advisor to the Presidential Chief of Staff

Positional battles continue almost throughout Ukraine near the borders with Russia and Belarus
"There are also operative data that several DRGs of the Russian Federation wanted to commit a terrorist act at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and cause a powerful environmental catastrophe. This significantly changes the picture of what is happening in Ukraine. It is clear that Russia does not just want to overthrow the government or replace it with puppet performers - it wants to cause maximum destruction in Ukraine. Even of an environmental nature, "said the adviser to the head of the Office of the Head of State.
Against this background, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, who is in Kyiv, continues to work actively with foreign partners.
"We are forming a kind of coalition in order to effectively counter Russian aggression. Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada are also in Kyiv - and all factions, almost without exception. There is also a government (in Kyiv - Ed.), Everyone works in a state of emergency or even martial law, everyone works very actively and clearly understands their functions and tasks, "said Mykhailo Podoliak.

He also drew attention to the fact that Russia's attack on Ukraine is actively condemned by Russian citizens. The Russians are already beginning to understand that this is not a point-based military operation, as was the case in Donbass, but a large-scale, full-scale war, which will cause a large number of casualties.
Mykhailo Podolyak also added that the Russian Armed Forces attamped to seize Chornobul nuclear power plant. (18:28 pm Kyiv time)
The unit of National Guard of Ukraine, protecting the Confinement and the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, are fighting hard to repel the attack. Should Russian artillery hit the Confinement, the consequences will be detrimental to European continent.

Ministry of Energy

Tanks and armed men on the territory of Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Under RU control.
Trypillya TPP: the projectile hit the coal depot, the equipment and facilities of the station were not damaged. The station is working
Kakhovka HPP: lost connection with the station
Power lines damaged near the Ukrainian-Russian border in Kharkiv region, near the city of Okhtyrka
The 330 kV Nizhyn-Konotop line was damaged and disconnected, which did not affect the power supply

In Sumy 20 shutdowns on 10 kV lines. Sumy seem under Ru control
A 150 kV line was damaged near Marhanets
Power supply in the Nikolaev area is restored
All miners at coal and uranium mining companies have been raised to the surface since the morning. The activity of enterprises is monitored