Morgan Williams representing USUBC today at the Ukrainian Agribusiness Forum in Kyiv and participating in the discussion between government and industry on improving cooperation in order to raise the competitiveness and productivity of Ukrainian agriculture. 

Participants talked about the land reform, presented their view of the sector's future, discussed challenges faced by agricultural producers - large and small farms. What is the perfect balance between the large and small farms? Other issues discussed included the following: What is required to make collateralisation of leased land work in order to unlock and protect investment in agriculture? Attracting investment into agrarian logistics and infrastructure.

The system of agrarian receipts and how to make it happen. Developing the next generation of agrarians by attracting, training and retaining motivated and qualified personnel.

Other speakers included Elena Voloshina, Head of Operations, Ukraine, International Finance Corporation (moderator), Viktor Sheremeta, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy & Food of Ukraine, Владислава Рутицька / Vladyslava Rutytska, Vice President, SigmaBleyzer Investment Group, Inna Meteleva, Country Director, Ukraine, Charterhouse Corporate Partners, Peter Thomson, Head of Agricultural Brokerage & Consultancy, Cushman & Wakefield, Kees Huizinga, Chief Executive Officer, VV Kischenzi. 

Many thanks to those who made these needed discussions possible. Morning panel moderated by Leonid Kozachenko (Леонід Козаченко), USUBC's Senior Advisor and member of the Ukrainian Parliament, with participation of Mykola Gorbachov from the Ukrainian Grain Association (УКРАЇНСЬКА ЗЕРНОВА АСОЦІАЦІЯ), Martin Schuldt (Cargill) from Cargill, Jean Paul Piotrowski from Credit Agricole Bank (Credit Agricole Bank), Volodymyr Nosyk from Evris Law (Юридична фірма EVRIS).

Thank you Stephen Butler and Strategy Council for organizing another great event in Kyiv!