On 06 February 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine's Resolution No.66 "On Ensuring the Exercise of Powers by Foreign Diplomatic Institutions of Ukraine in the Field of State Registration of Vital Records during Martial Law" has entered into force (the "Resolution").

The Resolution authorizes the Ukrainian foreign diplomatic institutions to use the State Register of Vital Records. This means, first of all, being fully able to conduct the state registration of vital records, as well as amend, update, and annul them.

Besides, the diplomatic institutions will be able to re-issue state registration certificates and various extracts from the Register of Vital Records. Certificates and extracts will be re-issued irrespective of the place where the hard copy is kept and the place where the registration is performed.

The Resolution reads that foreign diplomatic institutions will be able to provide state registration services to Ukrainian citizens regardless of their place of residence or stay. Thus, Ukrainians permanently or temporarily residing abroad will have much easier access to services of state registration of vital records.

It should be noted that the rules provided by the Resolution will remain in force during martial law and until the entry into force of a law regulating the relations in respect of state registration of vital records by the Ukrainian foreign diplomatic institutions.

The foreign diplomatic institutions that will enjoy access to the state register and provide the above state registration services are determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

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