Today marks the 141st day since Russia began its full and unprovoked attack on all of Ukraine. What UFF has seen regarding the flow of humanitarian aid has changed drastically since the opening days. In this update, I will share with you how UFF’s experience with the supply of humanitarian aid has fared to date and what can be done to improve it.

Back in April, we reported that 62% of international humanitarian aid arrives in Western Ukraine and does not continue on to the front lines where aid is desperately needed. As of today, that number has risen to 87%, in the exact opposite direction of what Ukraine desperately needs. In the middle of March, UFF took the lead among many other NGOs by relocating its base of operations from Lviv to Kyiv. This was a dangerous step at the time, but we found it absolutely necessary for several reasons.

First, it brought us closer to the front and enabled accurate needs assessments from defenders going both to and from the front. Second, it allowed our team to facilitate and maintain accuracy in our distribution of aid to remain accountable to our donors.

Both our team and our network of partners ensure the rapid and targeted delivery of aid to the East, a task that data overwhelmingly suggests the vast majority of aid providers are not willing or able to undertake. We take smart risk to get the right supplies to the right people. We know where and for whom the aid is needed most.

Previously, we kept almost zero inventory of humanitarian aid on-hand because we were able to operationalize funds and deliver materials within hours of receipt. However, we have been forced over the past two months to allocate storage space to the volume of last-mile donations given to our team by other generous NGOs that are not able to move supplies to the East as quickly.


Total Aid: 641,110.6 Tons (4 Mar - 12 July 2022)
Yellow: By Road // Blue: By Rail // Red: By Sea
Source: Office of the President of Ukraine


The Power of Agile Teams

Recently, the United Kingdom Humanitarian Innovation Hub published a report citing local actors, not large international organizations, as responsible providing virtually all humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Meanwhile, large humanitarian agencies and international NGOs received a staggering 87% of funding in support of aid to Ukraine. As you already know, the first question that potential donors should ask before giving to any cause is “How do I know my that donation is getting to the intended recipient?” UFF stands apart from larger organizations with our agile supply chain and a network of trusted partners. We cut the red tape and show our donors first-hand how their contributions make a difference.


Allocation of Humanitarian Contributions as of 23 May 2022 // Source: UN FTS 2022


Help Us Spread the Word!

Our team knows the stakes, and the Ukrainian Freedom Fund's job is not over until we deliver aid directly to those in need. While we are always in need of funds for the latest campaign or most pressing humanitarian priority (drones).

I want to take this opportunity to ask that you forward this note to at least five friends or family members who you know understand just how important Ukraine's fight for freedom is to both their survival and the principles that we hold dear. Please urge them to ensure their donations in support of Ukraine are going to effective organizations that are making the most difference on the ground. The UFF is proud to be one of them, and we thank you for joining our effort! 

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