On 19 June 2019, the Ukrainian Government approved a resolution on the integrated digital ID system ("Digital ID System") which was developed by the state agency of electronic governance. Implementation of a digital ID is perceived as one of the main pre-conditions for an effective digital economy.

From now on, any public or private entity can sign up to the Digital ID System to enable its end-users to authenticate themselves when accessing respective public or private information networks. Essentially, the Digital ID System is designed to facilitate interoperability of various digital ID solutions available in Ukraine. The resolution also provides for cross-border identification, i.e., the digital identification of a person located outside of Ukraine.

This resolution implements some of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Trust Services," which introduced the concept of the digital ID into Ukrainian law. Reportedly, the Ukrainian Government is also expected to adopt a resolution by the end of this year on schemes of digital ID with low, middle and high levels of trust.

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