Sayenko Kharenko law firm’s partners Sergey Pogrebnoy and Michael Kharenko together with Ukrainian businessmen Vyacheslav Lysenko and Yuri Krivosheya created the “Dyhai” Charity Fund. The founders of the Fund joined their efforts in raising funds to provide financial assistance to Ukrainian hospitals, doctors and scientists who are struggling with the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Ukraine.

The Fund’s activities are aimed both at solving the problems existing today and systematic preparation for dealing with the problems that Ukraine is going to face soon.

The most relevant focus areas today are centralized procurements of necessary equipment, personal protective equipment for doctors and providing hospitals with the equipment, and targeted support for doctors.

Our systematic approach to business allows us not just to respond to the existing problems but also to predict the development of events when it comes to the Fund’s operations as well. It is obvious that the next challenge all the countries all over the world are going to face is vaccines procurement. And our aim is to get as much prepared as possible. This means that the sooner we start the preparations (raise funds, search for suppliers, and sign preliminary contracts), the more vaccines we will be able to provide for the country once the vaccine is developed.

Sayenko Kharenko’s partner, Chairman of the Board of Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine and co-founder of created the “Dyhai” Charity Fund Sergey Pogrebnoy comments: “To tell the truth, charity is not something new for us, many of our colleagues have their own history of providing assistance in various areas. That’s why with the start of the spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine, we all (Sayenko Kharenko’s partners, our clients, and friends) started “silent” fundraising. Having raised over USD 3 million during a short period, we saw that number of people willing to help only increased. That’s how Michael, Yuri, Vyacheslav and I decided to join together and create a charity fund that would allow us to combine the efforts of all those who care and to save them from the need to solve routine and complex technical and legal issues.”

Sayenko Kharenko’s partner and co-founder of created the “Dyhai” Charity Fund Michael Kharenko adds: “Equipment, masks, medical protective suits, and tests shortage made it clear to us that we had to join and act very fast. Any small initiatives become much more significant when joint together. Together we can consolidate procurements, get quotas for scarce goods and gain access to foreign suppliers instead of feeding multiple brokering companies.”

Yuriy Kryvosheya, Managing Partner and President of PJSC “Toronto-Kyiv”, President of TK Property Management Ltd., Member of the Board of Director of Canada Ukraine Chamber of Commerce., co-Founding Shareholder and Partner of comments: “In my opinion, it is always important to help each other, and in today’s situation this has become an absolute must-have in order to overcome growing challenges that are arriving non-stop. For me, this is a great honor to unite with such partners & friends, with whom we can build a systematic instrument & synergy needed to make a true difference.”

Vyacheslav Lysenko, founder of UKR-CHINA COMMUNICATION, Ukrainian-Chinese relations expert says: “There’s no point in spending the earned money only to satisfy one’s greed. That would be like chopping the branch you are sitting on. An effective businessman is always ready to invest in charity.”

Veronika Radchenko, Director of the “Dyhai” Charity Fund adds: “When it comes to constant and complicated challenges it’s crucial that those who want and can help join their forces to overcome the crisis.That’s why when the “Dyhai” founders offered me to head the Fund so that I could use my experience in public organizations for the common good, I took the job immediately. I believe that the Fund and all of its participants will contribute effectively and timely to the overcome of the pandemic.”

To donate please use the details below:

For donations in hryvna:

Payment accountUA173348510000000026001115114 FIRST UKRAINIAN INTERNATIONAL BANK

For donations in Euros:

Payment accountUA173348510000000026001115114


4, Andriivska Str., Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine

Bank corespondent: Commerzbank AG,

Kaiserplatz, 60261, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


For donations in USD:

Payment accountUA173348510000000026001115114


4, Andriivska Str., Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine

Bank corespondent: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas*

60 Wall Street, 10005 NY, New York, USA


Financial reports of the Fund’s work will be available on the “Dyhai” website:

All questions can be addressed to Veronika Radchenko, Director of the Fund: +380 67 462 66 65