Dear colleagues, friends and partners
of the Holodomor Museum!

Despite all the challenges of this crisis, life goes on, and the creation of the Holodomor Museum continues thanks to the coordinated work of all the creators of the Project.

A new stage in the development of the Project was the launch of a partnership with the winner of the tender for the provision of information and communication services, the industry leader, Postmen Digital Agency.

The subject of our cooperation with Postmen Digital Agency is a comprehensive communication support of the Project during 2020 with the possibility of extending cooperation in the future. In particular, the formation and further implementation of the Project's communication strategy, which will include work with the media and social networks, content management and promotion of the web site and fundraising platform, promotion of image and fundraising activities of the Foundation, etc.

I am glad to announce that in June, according to the plan, the first stage of cooperation was completed - a target audience research and a survey on the attitude of respondents to the creation of the Holodomor Museum.

According to the survey, 90.6% of respondents support the idea of creating the Museum and more than half of them, regardless of income level and region of residence, are willing to contribute to the Project financially.

The results of the survey are presented visually as a presentation here, and briefly as a text - here.

The next stage of cooperation with the communication partners, Postmen DA, is the development of the Foundation's communication strategy, which is planned to be completed in September.

We are proud to cooperate with the best and work together towards the completion of the Project!

Ivan Vasiunyk
Head of the Supervisory Board
of the International Foundation for the Development of the
Holodomor Victims’ Memorial