On Monday, Oct.25, 2021, USUBC together with Uniprom, a USUBC member, and the Office of the Mayor of the city of Rivne Oleksandr Tretiak organized a presentation for the municipal and other relevant professionals as well as the staff of the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering (https://en.nuwm.edu.ua/) of a technology developed by TenCate, a partner of Uniprom, for dewatering the Basiv Kut Lake in downtown Rivne with the removal of sludge from the bottom of the lake and thus making the lake much more attractive to tourists and Rivne residents.

Almost 30 professionals including municipal Department Heads and the Mayor himself attended the presentation, and a very lively discussion followed the presentation by Min ter Harmsel, Marketing Manager Water & Environment EMEA, TenCate Geosynthetics. Michael Datsenko, Director, Information & Member Programs, moderated the event.

USUBC and its member Uniprom stand ready to assist Ukraine with various technologies in the area of civil engineering construction.