This is a special urgent message by Razom for Ukraine (Together for Ukraine) non-profit.  The siege of Mariupol is still ongoing and a renewed, all-out attack in Ukraine’s east has begun.  Evidence of horrific war crimes drive people to ask world leaders for weapons to bring peace to our beloved land and to defend democracy in the world.  We ask for your help by joining us in the #ArmUkraineNow campaign.

Dear Razom Community,

For fifty-four days, Ukraine has been heroically resisting russia's military aggression.  It is clear now that this is not just a russian military operation, but a planned genocide of the Ukrainian people.  Hundreds of children have been displaced, injured and killed.  Civilian buildings, and entire cities, have been destroyed, leveled and looted.  Russia has begun a renewed offensive in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine can stop russia only if it receives critical weapons from its international partners, such as heavy artillery, heavy-armored vehicles, air defense systems, and combat aircraft (full list here).

Razom, with Mas Agency, announced a global social media campaign “Arm Ukraine Now.”  Anyone who supports Ukraine, strives for its sovereignty and independence, and supports providing heavy weapons to Ukraine to end russia’s military aggression can participate in this campaign.  It will run until April 30, 2022.

The campaign’s goal is to secure needed weapons for the Ukrainian army as soon as possible to push the aggressor out of Ukraine, and thus save thousands of civilian lives and defend democracy in Europe.

How to join the campaign:

  1. Take a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper, on your phone, or tablet, with the slogan #ArmUkraineNow.
  2. Post to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, with a short appeal to the leadership of your country, or to the international community at large with the request to provide Ukraine with heavy weapons to counter Russia’s aggression and to save civilian lives.  Make sure to use the hashtag.
  3. Tag three friends to do the same.  Let’s make this go viral.

Proposed Text:

Why are we so afraid to arm the professional army of a democratic state that is fighting an aggressor on its own territory?  Let's unite to stop the war in Ukraine.  Let's defend freedom and save lives.  I'm asking world leaders to #ArmUkraineNow.

Join us (tag 3 friends):

  1. Post a picture with a sign #ArmUkraineNow
  2. Ask your government to support Ukraine
  3. Tag 3 friends to do the same. 


Without additional weapons for Ukraine, this war will turn into an endless and bloody battle, which will spread misery, suffering, and more death.  The war crimes will continue beyond Mariupol, Bucha, and Kramatorsk.  The global impact of the war will make life more difficult for people around the world, beyond the borders of Ukraine.  The sooner Ukraine gets arms the better for us all.

Join the #ArmUkraineNow social media campaign and invite your friends.

Only when we are many, we will be heard.  Every post, and every participant has an impact!


LINK to Razom’s Emergency Response: