The diplomatic credentials of Marie Yovanovitch, as U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, are presented to the Government of Ukraine, and accepted.

Petro Poroshenko congratulated Marie Yovanovitch on the beginning of her mission to Ukraine noting that he relies on her previous experience of work in Kyiv in 2001-2005.
The Head of State expressed gratitude to the American side for the political, financial... and military-technical assistance in Ukraine's struggle against Russian aggression.

"We count on further efficient cooperation," the President said.

In her turn, Mari Jovanovic informed that she was planning to preserve and enhance that support in the future.

"In the last two years, Ukraine has achieved a significant progress. And now we have great opportunities to continue these changes. The U.S. is a reliable friend and supports Ukraine and its reforms," she noted.

Special attention was paid to the dangerous developments in Donbas and punitive Russia's actions in the occupied Crimea.

Source:  Facebook pages for the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv and the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States