Kyiv-- Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the candidate for the new US ambassador to Ukraine will be nominated very soon.

Blinken said this during the press conference in Kyiv on Wednesday, January 19, according to a European Truth (Pravda) correspondent.

When the ambassador is nominated, this person will have the full trust and credibility of the President of the United States, this will be a person I know very well and with whom I have a close relationship, this person will have obvious experience and knowledge of the region.

This nomination will be announced very soon, "Blinken said.

Co-chair of Ukraine's support group in the US Senate Rob Portman said last week during a visit to Kyiv that the State Department promises to appoint an ambassador to Ukraine in the nearest future.

It was reported earlier that US President Joe Biden may choose an experienced diplomat Bridget Brink as a candidate for U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.

The appointment of many ambassadors has been delayed due to Republican opposition in the Senate, which has to approve candidates. In particular, Republican Senator Ted Cruz opposes any candidate because of his disagreement with the Biden administration over Russia's Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. Earlier, the US mission in Ukraine was headed by two charge affairs: William Taylor, who served as US ambassador in 2006-2009, and Kristina Kvien, who serves as head of the mission in Kyiv now.