U.S. Senator Robert Portman believes that Ukraine needs to achieve greater progress in implementing anti-corruption reforms and continue to implement economic reforms. It is necessary to achieve greater progress in anti-corruption reforms, in particular, with respect to the Anti-Corruption Court, he said at a press conference in Kyiv on Thursday.

The senator also stressed that economic reforms should continue. We see a lot of opportunities for the development of our business in Ukraine and for investment, as Ukraine is heavily under-invested … Still much ahead in the issue of achieving transparency of the government, the rule of law, justice, etc., the senator said.

According to him, Ukraine’s way to NATO membership also consists in carrying out reforms. The policy of procurement, especially in the military sector, has become much more transparent … There is much that depends on the progress of reforms and it is in the interests of the Ukrainian people to continue working, the U.S. senator added.

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