US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) welcomes N-iX as a new member 

Washington D.C. July 05, 2023 - The US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) is thrilled to announce the addition of N-iX, a global software solutions and engineering services company, as its newest member. This partnership signifies a significant step forward in fostering collaboration and promoting growth in the technology sector between the United States and Ukraine.

N-iX brings a wealth of expertise and experience in delivering high-quality software development solutions to clients worldwide. With a strong focus on innovation, digital transformation, and building cutting-edge technology products, N-iX has established itself as a prominent player in the industry.

Sviatoslav Kavetskyi, Director of Industry Affairs at N-iX, expressed his excitement about joining USUBC, stating, "We are thrilled to become a member of the US-Ukraine Business Council. This partnership presents tremendous opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business growth. We look forward to engaging with other USUBC members and contributing to the advancement of the technology sector in both countries."

Morgan Williams, CEO & President of USUBC, warmly welcomed N-iX as a new member, stating, "We are delighted to have N-iX join the US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC). Their expertise and dedication to technological innovation align perfectly with our mission to promote bilateral trade and investment between the United States and Ukraine. We believe that this partnership will enhance collaboration within the technology sector and open doors to new business opportunities."

The addition of N-iX to USUBC's diverse membership further strengthens the council's position as a leading platform for fostering business relationships, sharing best practices, and driving economic growth. Together, USUBC and N-iX will work towards expanding opportunities in the technology sector and driving innovation.

About US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC):

The US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., dedicated to advancing U.S.-Ukraine business relations. With a focus on promoting trade, investment, and strong bilateral ties, USUBC serves as a valuable resource and platform for fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.

About N-iX:

N-iX is a global software solutions and engineering services company that helps world’s leading organizations turn challenges into lasting business value,  operational efficiency,  and revenue growth using modern technology. 

With over 2,000 professionals in 25 countries across Europe and the Americas, N-iX offers expert solutions in cloud, data analytics, embedded software, IoT, AI, machine learning, and other tech domains.