U.S.-Ukraine Business Council congratulates its President Morgan Williams on receiving a special award and an Amber Angel of Goodness  - a Charitable Oscar - for the significant contribution in supporting Ukrainian art and culture.

During the last 25 years in Ukraine Morgan Williams and U.S.-Ukraine Business Council supported numerous art events and exhibitions, dozens of Ukrainian artists, talented youth and researchers on various subjects including Holodomor 1932-33 in Ukraine, political repressions and collectivization.

In the picture: Former First Lady of Ukraine, Kateryna Yushchenko and USUBC President Morgan Williams

 We thank Association of Charities of Ukraine for organizing the Charitable Ukraine competition to recognize the best philanthropists and charities in Ukraine. We also congratulate other USUBC members - DAAR Foundation for receiving special award. 


USUBS NOTE: Maryna Antonova, USUBC Director of Government Affairs serves a Board of Director of Association of Charities of Ukraine