On April 20 U.S.-Ukraine Business Council conducted a roundtable “Latest Economic News: Analysis and Commentary” with Dr. Edie Segura, Chairman of the Board, The Bleyzer Foundation, Partner and Chief Economist, SigmaBleyzer. Dr. Segura is one of the leading economists who has followed and written about the economic scene in Ukraine for over 20 years.

In the picture left to right: Edi Segura, SIgma Bleyzer and Morgan Williams, (USUBC)

The roundtable was conducted at the offices of SigmaBleyzer/The Bleyzer Foundation and moderated by USUBC President Morgan Williams.
 In the picture: Sergiy Bartoshchuk, Chairman of the Board, Kosmo
Dr. Segura presented an excellent analysis of the current macroeconomic situation in Ukraine and its impact on fiscal and monetary policies; commented on recent trends that shape Ukraine’s economy.
In the picture left to right: Peter Justin O'Brien, Country Manager Ukraine, EuroCape New Energy; Dr. Edi Segura, Partner and Chief Economist, SigmaBleyzer; Alfred  Praus, President, Ukrainian-Austrian Association, Morgan Williams, USUBC

Mr. Segura also talked about balance of payments and Ukraine’s international reserves as well as FDI level in Ukraine, next IMF tranche and IMF’s expectations of Ukraine, reform implementation progress, business effects of economic reforms and many other issues.​

We would like to thank Dr. Segura for the publication of the monthly "Macroeconomic Situation Report," by SigmaBleyzer/The Bleyzer Foundation for many years. The presentation was followed by an open discussion/Q&A session with USUBC members and media, including AGCOAgroGeneration, Austrian-Ukrainian Association, the The Bleyzer FoundationDELTA Ukraine Representative office in Ukraine, EuroCape New Energy Ukraine, Free Economy Institute,  International Management Insitutte MIM-Kyiv, Kyiv PostReanimation Package of ReformsМіжнародна інвестиційна компанія "SigmaBleyzer" , Ukrainian Finance Partners, Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, Ukrainian Center for European Policy, Institute for Social Economic Studies, Hromadske Kyiv , SRB.

To view the presentation please follow the link: http://new.usubc.org/site/SigmaBleyzer/ukraine---macroeconomic-situation--ndash--march-2018