COSA is a professional corporate intelligence firm providing intelligence solutions for international businesses that care about security, compliance, integrity and business continuity.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) welcomes COSA, ww.COSA.Solutions, Kyiv, Ukraine, as a new member.

Established in early 2014 COSA has proven its expertise in the FSU region, before expanding its capacities globally.

COSA provides business owners, top managers, and members of supervisory boards with up-to-date information based on comprehensive analysis of the target company’s business environment both domestically and internationally, internal and external risk assessment, as well as opportunities identification through competitive intelligence methods.

The company's network covers numerous industries and institutions in most Post-Soviet states, CEE countries, and the Balkan region, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Such network together with our analytical methods lets us provide integrity due diligence and strategic intelligence services worldwide.

COSA conducts intelligence reports that are of interest for international corporations, financial companies, investment firms, individual investors, middle businesses looking for new opportunities and assessing risks, as well as public organizations. Such reports imply permanent monitoring or particular issue analysis in regard to risks and opportunities for business in a country on demand.

The company assists internal corporate security and legal departments, forensics specialists and compliance officers in the course of their companies’ on-boarding contractors and expanding workforce, running M&A projects, conducting corporate investigations, implementing compliance programs, etc.

COSA's team participates in cross-border investigations supporting world-renowned players with precise and in-depth OSINT and HUMINT, country knowledge and specific expertise. The company also supports FCPA investigations.

COSA operates in accordance with the highest standards of client confidentiality as well as both national and international laws, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility. The company pays close attention to every project and task. Client-oriented approach is clearly defined in COSA’s Code of Conduct.


In 2019 COSA served clients from over 10 countries and provided top-tier information on subjects in over 60 countries. We believe our activity makes the business environment clearer, increases transparency, minimizes risks and reveals opportunities for international businesses no matter what the global conditions are. Apart from commercial work COSA contributed in the anti-corruption initiatives in Ukraine by providing pro bono expertise to state-owned enterprises, participating in educational programs for compliance officers and promoting integrity through different business communities.

Though 2020 started as a year of uncertainty, COSA is there to help businesses navigate the changing environment, mitigate risks and build beneficial overseas partnerships on the way to success and prosperity. 

Joining the US-Ukraine Business Council is a great opportunity to be in touch with the dynamic businesses operating in a variety of industries and countries, share knowledge and experience, as well as contribute to the platform that unites Ukrainian companies and businesses from the most entrepreneurial country - the USA” said Pavlo Verkhniatsky, COSA, Managing Partner.

"The over 200 members of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC),, welcomes COSA, www.COSA.Solutions, as a new member.  We look forward to working with COSA regarding the expansion of business," said USUBC President, Morgan Williams.