Congratulations to the winners of the Virtual Incubation Program Demo Day!

First place - Caretech Human - An innovative solution for continuous health monitoring and disease prevention

Caretech Human, LinkedIn:

Second place - SplineCloud - is a knowledge management platform for mechanical engineers, which helps them become more creative and productive by organizing and reusing valuable data such as the results of numerical simulations and physical experiments.

SplineCloud, LinkedIn:

Third place - - an online platform for finding, sharing or selling scientific equipment and supplies., LinkedIn:

Each of the projects is extremely creative and important for solving social problems of society. We believe that you have a great future and no less investment!

We believe in Ukrainian talents!

NOTE: Virtual Incubation Program Demo Day is online-based training with the support of experienced Ukrainian and international mentors will last 10 days and will be held via the EducateMe platform. During this course, participants will attend evening online classes - workshops, lectures, seminars, and receive practical tasks.

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