Winner Group Ukraine, one of the leaders of the automotive business, having more than 29-year experience of work in Ukraine. Among Winner Group’s automotive businesses are Winner Imports Ukraine, Ford Winner Automotive, Volvo Winner Automotive, Porsche Center Kyiv Airport, Jaguar Land Rover Kyiv Airport, Bentley Kyiv, Renault Winner Obolon, and Winner Leasing.

Winner Imports Ukraine is the official importer of the world’s major brands – Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, and Bentley, offers cars, spare parts, and international-standard service in 47 dealership centers in Ukraine.

Apart from its automotive business, Winner also works in construction and maintains commercial and residential real estate. Its companies in this sector include Winner Construction, Winner Facility Management, and Winner Property Management.

As one of the largest taxpayers in its segment, Winner Group Ukraine has returned over $1 500 000 000 to the state budget as of January 2021.

Winner Group Ukraine employs more than 700 people.

Winner Group’s major stages of development in Ukraine:

 1991 – Ivan Hynansky accepts an offer by Ford Motors to move to Ukraine and represent the Ford brand in the young, newly independent state. Ukrainian by origin, Mr. Hynansky was raised in the USA and owned several automotive dealership centers there.
• 1992 – Headed by Mr. Hynansky, Winner becomes an official dealer for Ford Motors in Kyiv and several other Ukrainian cities. Two years later, the company becomes an official importer of Ford in Ukraine and opens the largest service station for Ford cars in the country.
 1997 – Winner establishes Winner Construction business and builds the first showroom to sell Ford cars in Ukraine.
• 2000 – For its hard work and high standards, Winner Imports Ukraine was chosen to become an official importer of Volvo cars in Ukraine.
• 2004 to 2005 – Winner repute grows rapidly. It fights for and wins the right to represent the interests of three premium car brands —Jaguar, Land Rover, and Porsche – in the Ukrainian market.
• 2006 – In the capital of Ukraine, Winner opens one of the largest showrooms in Eastern Europe: a multi-brand conceptual car center called ‘Winner Automotive’ with an area of 8,400 square meters.
• 2009 – Outside of Kyiv, Winner opens a new distribution center. The center prepares 8000 cars for sale every year and is unique in terms of the sophistication of its equipment in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Winner Group moves its headquarters outside of Kyiv.
 2014 – Winner conceptual dealership center ‘Porsche Center Kyiv Airport’, with an area of 7300 square meters, opens its doors. The center provides a full range of services: selling Porsche cars, original spare parts, accessories, and offering maintenance service and repair.
 2016 – On August 24, the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, Winner signs an exclusive agreement with Bentley, and becomes its official representative on the territory of Ukraine.
• 2017 – Winner celebrates 25 years in Ukraine!
 2018 – The unique dealership center Jaguar Land Rover Kyiv Airport, with an area of 7500 square meters, was opened. It is an example of the conceptual implementation of the new global standard of arc design.
 2019 – The largest Bentley concept dealership in Europe was officially opened, located on Boryspil road Kyiv city.
• 2019 – Winner Group Ukraine was chosen to become an official Renault dealer in Kyiv city and the Kyiv region.

Winner Group Ukraine is optimistic about the future and continues to implement the greatest projects. In the upcoming year, its plans include expanding its presence all across Ukraine, increasing its share in the domestic automotive and construction markets.

Ivan Hynansky, CEO and owner of Winner Group Ukraine“On the path of the formation of the company, we have experienced difficult times more than once, but our journey continues. Ukraine’s integration into Europe has opened new horizons and has given Ukrainians hope to improve the standard of living for themselves, their children, and grandchildren. Today, I see many opportunities and I am sure that my country of origin has a bright future both for business and for people.”

Petro Rondiak, Head of the Management Board of Winner Group Ukraine: “In the near future, we intend to increase our presence on the Ukrainian market. I believe in the Ukrainian hard-working people who have chosen the European vector of development and will eventually have a larger market than today. We have no doubt that this growth will actually take place”.

Vitaliy Kopych, Deputy Head of the Management Board, CFO of Winner Group Ukraine: “We have clearly seen our own development in Ukraine. This is a very dynamic country, and we are optimistic about the positive changes that are taking place in the Ukrainian economy now.”

Winner Group Ukraine has been an example of a fair, transparent and socially responsible business in Ukraine for more than 29 years. The key to its success is the five core values shared by each of the company’s employees:

1. Integrity. Since 1992, Winner has built its business on the principles of honesty and transparency. It promotes mutual respect in its relationships with customers, partners, and its employees.
2. Continuous improvement. Winner values a readiness for change, openness to everything new, and the ability to innovate in order to increase the efficiency of the business. Continuous improvement means moving forward!
3. Professionalism. Winner employees take their share of responsibility, approach each matter carefully, and can make millions of complex decisions in just 24 hours. This is “Winner-style” professionalism!
4. People. The main asset of Winner is people because any business is done with people and for people.
5. Winning. This value — translated in Ukrainian as “перемога” which was used as the basis for the company name. More than 29 years of Winner work in Ukraine were not easy. Thanks to its constant striving for victory, they were successful.

Winner Group Ukraine develops a systematic approach to charity and corporate social responsibility to make a significant and lasting contribution to Ukraine’s future. Winner CSR includes two areas – “Charity” and “Responsible Business”.

The history of Winner is inseparably associated with the history and the formation of independent Ukraine. Soon Winner will celebrate its first 30 years together with the nation and believes in Ukraine’s bright future. After all, Winner is building its business in Ukraine and for Ukrainians!

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