Kyiv Regional Administration intends to present a project to build a big orbital road around Kyiv to investors by late July 2016, Kyiv region governor Maksym Melnychuk has said.

"One of the largest strategic projects [for Kyiv region] for this year is the bid ring road around Kyiv… I think that by late July Kyiv Regional Administration would have a chance to personally present the project to investors," he said at a meeting with the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) in Kyiv on Thursday.

He said that the length of this road will be around 193 kilometers. Investment could reach some $2 billion.

"We are discussing it with some countries, for example, with France and China. They are ready to join the project," he said.

He said that the condition that the road is left in ownership of Kyiv Regional Administration after its completion is important. This would open opportunities for investors to build hotels, filling stations and other facilities near it.

"The road would not be a toll road. Then we will be able to speak about this project as social project, but with large investment and business opportunities," he said.


Photos: Press service of Kyiv State Administration